Dabs® for Diabetes

Dabs® are an ideal solution for people and pets living with diabetes. No more having to lick or wipe your finger on an unclean surface after testing your blood glucose levels. Conveniently attach the Dabs® to any testing kit with the adhesive backing. Simply Tear, Dab, and Dispose.

Anyone living with diabetes knows that testing blood glucose levels is a frequent and regular part of everyday. Let Diabetic Dabs® offer you a simple solution for your everyday needs. No more looking for a tissue or having to lick your finger after testing sugar levels. Diabetic Dabs® were designed to conveniently fit into any testing kit. Providing the most optimal solution for blood removal and disposal.

Dabs® for Testing Blood

Dabs® address all your testing needs! Whether you take Coumadin, work in a blood lab or live with a condition that requires you to test your blood. Dabs® can help ensure a clean and safe removal of the excess blood. If you test your blood – Test out Dabs®!

New solution for all your testing needs. Wipes created to remove the excess blood and reduce the risk of contamination.

Dabs® for ANYTHING!

Dabs® make a difference. These multi-purpose sheets can be used for almost anything. If you work in a nail salon don’t waste time cutting paper towels. Saving times saves you money! Did you cut yourself shaving? Apply a dab. Glasses dirty? Wipe them clean with a dab. Let Dabs® do your dirty work!

What will you Dab?