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"After just a day, I was missing that little square piece of paper being in there because I had transitioned from being a "licker" to a "wiper". And actually, the thought of licking anymore had become gross to me, where it never really was before." - Sarah Kaye, author of

"I love it when a member of our community is able to create something to fill a need we have" - Joanne Cunha, blogger Death of a Pancreas

"This has made a huge difference in the cleanliness of my son's diabetic bag! Great idea we love it!" - Lorri M., diabetic dab user

"The little sheets are insanely absorbent, so you barely even have to touch your finger to the sheet to get the blood off. And they don't feel like another accessory that's hanging around and getting in my way, because(unlike a lot of other d-things), they actually solve a problem." - Diabetes Blogger Jacquie Wojcik , Typical Type 1

"Would I recommend them…YES,YES,YES! Bean loves the convenience, and I do, too. " - My Sweet Bean and Her Pod

"What a brilliant invention! Hope to see it become a permanent component of the testing kit. Thanks for simplifying my routine." - Joe B.

"As I move through my busy work day (with my testing kit in hand) I struggle with one item not included with my kit. I have the meter, the needles, the test strip, but no way to deal with the blood. Thank you for addressing this for me, I feel more prepared to deal with my day!" - Stephen Sch.

"At school, teaching young diabetic children to use good testing technique has always been a challenge. Diabetic Dabs simplify the process and help keep the environment clean and safe for everyone. Your product is an indispensable addition to any testing kit!" - Elementary School Nurse, Marie P.

"This product is so easy to use and makes it one easier step with dealing with diabetes. I recommend this product to every diabetic, you too will like it." - Diabetic Dabs user, Maria C.

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